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You think NVDA is a spec trade? Would love to know what you think about AMC or GME...
Gme 0DTE bitch
wsb regards be like "nvDa iS A mEMe sToCK whY Won'T iT dRoP lIkE gMe?"
I used it before the GME shit show they had a few years back. Never cared to swap out as I haven’t bought a stock in 3 years. Is there any incentive to leave?
The article was about how he was one of the biggest cock holders of GME. Guess he bought more
Second gen GME bagholders show your self. Just saw an article about DVF on the news. SMH 🤦
No way she’s getting sent to end of line. GME is an honorary guest on reputation alone. She draws in the crowd, steals from them, and leaves them empty pockets.
Gme i see no increased foot traffic and now talk of reducing store count. These cats have no amazing online store or partnership in the works.
Option calls on Reddit, GameStop, Salesforce, Apple, and obviously SPY! My exits weren’t perfect, definitely could have made more but also aware I got lucky and it could have all gone back down. This is basically my entire net worth. Stopping for now (see you all tomorrow) List of Trades From 1k to 10k: SPY May 3 $505 PUT x 3 SPY May 10 $505 CALL x 3 RDDT May 17 $48 CALL x 8 From 10k to 30k: GME May 17 $30 CALL X 14 From 30k to 40k: CRM July 5 $220 CALL x 10 From 40k to 60k: AAPL July 5 $200 CALL X 10 SPY June 21 $543 CALL x 15 From 60K to 64K: ABNB June 21 $145 CALL X 5 - still open
Roaring kitty? Gme conference tomorrow???!?
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