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Better performer than meme coin, and it is liquid. Congratulations. I know you wish you got at least 6000 shares.
Tryin to get money out of coin base is starting to annoy me. 😤
So game store was a shit coin this whole time?
Head behind Wendy's for the holiday to bank some extra coin to lose on options. That's what I'm doin.
Guys is coin going green in the next 3 weeks or am I fuk
I genuinely don’t understand anything pharma bro and the other coin bros are arguing about on Twitter regarding Trump coin scams. Probably a good thing.
I'm asking, halfway understanding so sorry if came off wrong. That's SWEET! Who's not going to be happy about an extra $10k? I just think now learning options there's safer ways. Learn what is a butterfly spread, very cheap to open and can give 10x1 reward to risk ratio so not just a coin flip and your trades may start going better. Not financial advice just prob should learn safer roulette haha
u still got 3%; pump it into big titty 420 fart coin, thank me later
now it's time to retire by yoloing it on big titty 420 fart coin. Do you want a lambo next week and a yacht with hot bitches or do you want to be a working cuck with steady portfolio income.
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