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Lol, GRND is 💯 a wiser play than AMD for the foreseeable future. Only promising alt to NVDA is AVGO. Sweet sell tho. Also, cocks 🚀🌈💰
The bull case for AMD is on device AI. Such as laptops and phones. They’ll be competing with Qualcomm, Intel, and Apple. We can take Apple out of the mix since no matter what they will have a place in the market. So now you are debating between Qualcomm and Intel. From what I’ve seen, AMD has the better chips and can beat both snapdragon (Qualcomm) and lunar lake (Intel) when it comes to AI laptops with Ryzen. Nvidia has won AI data centers, the next AI giant will be on device and I’m betting AMD and Apple win that race. I will say Qualcomm is an interesting story, but I can’t justify buying it at its current valuation and risks.
Yeah I agree amd is nvidias only real competitor
amd ran because their competitor is murdering them. it makes zero sense. imo, it should be around $100 lisa keeps talking $4B but the market seems to expect something closer to double that. and that was before they went all-in with samsung for hbm. playing amd is risky af.
Also because AMD builds all the PS and Xbox APUs for the current generation of consoles.
Amd does not make enough profit plain and simple
I have a 12/19/25 call bought for about 1K that was worth over 6K when AMD broke 200. Mad I didn't sell it then. Why has AMD plummeted from over 200 to the 150s?
ok, all in on AMD, thanks papa
Yes. AMD getting hacked isn’t something that will make the stock go up.
If NVDA passes AMD this year, I consider AMD dead 💀
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