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Lol, GRND is 💯 a wiser play than AMD for the foreseeable future. Only promising alt to NVDA is AVGO. Sweet sell tho. Also, cocks 🚀🌈💰
Lmao is this what this sub has become? Not even crazy option plays, just random position shots of $NVDA lmao.
I finally gave up and sold it all tonight. Bought TSLA nvda and amazon. Probably will moon now tomorrow but was sick of waiting. Had an 80% gain on it and didn’t wanna see it melt away
I used to do that, but I think buying them for like a month after is better. The premiums will be higher, but you'll still get a chunk of that back if you sell right after earnings, but you can also hold longer if you want. In the past NVDA kept going up for a couple weeks after earnings. This time, they announced a split and haven't stopped rising for like a whole month.
Only if you time it right. My dumb ass sold my NVDA 115c when the stock was at like 122. I had 250 itm calls that wouldn't have expired until this Friday. I could have basically doubled the whole account again. What will happen instead is I will now FOMO back in too late and lose a bunch of money instead.
NVDA $ flow back to AAPL and MSFT for safety
How much does OP stand to lose if NVDA actually goes down?
Well, because he says he has 50k in NVDA calls. That's a lot, and with how crazy bullish it's been, I would guess they're gonna pay handsomely.
Just buy NVDA
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