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Fomo' in about 1-2k so you don't overexpose yourself. The rest you can use to purchase ETFs SHARES (you'll get more money with them than with a high yield saving account tbh). The ETF will go up and down but it is unlikely to go down and not go up at all. ETFs i recommend is SOXL, TQQQ, SPY, TQQQ, or QQQ.
I have access to a 20x SPY, should I?
I did a similar simulation of purchasing an equal balance of the top 10 of the spy , rebalancing monthly. Similar accelerated response
The fund decays so if spy trades flat for several years you slowly lose money. Spy needs to go up at least a few % per year for it to break even % return wise
I genuinely do not understand what you're saying here. How does spy dividends impact s&p500 returns.
I bought the top in Feb 2020 and still out performed spy with spxl. The only thing that would be bad is a multi year flat or down market
So I bought spxl at the top in 2020 and held through. I have still out performed spy even buying the top 99% versus 60% for spy. What I bought during the dip is even more
>Why not do this? I am. I've held UPRO (a 3x SPY etf like spxl) for four years straight now. It's currently up 323%.
why hold SPXL when you can hold SPYU (that’s SPY but 4x leveraged)
Why stop at 3x. There is a 4x spy now. SPYU.
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