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Dell #and SMCI are building the servers for Elons xAI (Fixed it for ya)
Dell 170 EOW
If you guys want a hot stock tip check out TSSI. They help DELL build these data centers or whatever. I bought at $0.35 and sold at $0.85 but it’s at like $2 now. I’m not getting back in so take that as you will, but others are still pounding the table on it.
Dell build 1/2 of it, SMCI also have a huge share out of it.
I didn’t stutter ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271) but Godspeed either way! Dell will give me great gains most likely with high volatility risk. NVDA will likely give me even better gains without the added risk long term. Even though it’s volatile, youre fine as long as you buy in the money leaps or long calls. Idk if I personally can say the same about dell as confidently and that’s the difference to me
You mean DELL calls
Dell is building 1/2 of the AI datacenter for X. They are way ahead in the AI game, hence their stock doubling over the last year.
Those aren’t the same things. Nvidia AI by HPE is just what their AI offerings is called. https://www.hpe.com/us/en/newsroom/press-release/2024/06/hewlett-packard-enterprise-and-nvidia-announce-nvidia-ai-computing-by-hpe-to-accelerate-generative-ai-industrial-revolution.html At the same time, who else would you partner with? Nvidia is the only option. HPE isn’t selling nvidia chips. Or if they are, they have to buy them first. So they’re not really gaining a huge edge over anyone else. If you think this justifies a triple of their share price, you’re out of your mind. A company is just as likely to use Dell or someone else.
Thought it was Dell?
Likely related to the finalization of purchasing VMware and cutting all existing deals to other OEMs who resell the software at a huge discount (Dell, HP, Etc)
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