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Published on Jul 04, 2020

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Love this AVID call. Knowing many people in the entertainment production industry who echo the sentiments expressed by theninjallama in the DD, I will likely be buying this stock myself a few hours after this goes out to you.  Long DD: 

ACDX on EUA approval of COVID serology test Uber buying Postmates (rumored) further solidifies dominant position UPS hiring +20% means 2H will boom ERIC and NOK: the anti-Chicom (Huawei) plays Institutional investors coming back to PGE post-bankruptcy SPWR: huge short squeeze coming in this solar stonk SDGR: the future of drug discovery WGO, CWH, THO: sustained demand from younger generation for campers NVAX: no THIS is the COVID play PRPL: mattress in box explosion SMPL: healthy food boom CLDR: stock is cheap  

Short DD

PLNT: gyms stuck in the middle in the COVID world FB does not make money outside of advertising  

Interesting comment from WSB thread:

hobbers People keep forgetting that the air on airplanes is cleaner than the air at your grocery store. They run a bunch of high grade HEPA filters and are constantly turning over the entire volume. No one should be fearful of airplane air. We'd probably be better off storing high risk people on airplanes. No, the problem is not the airplanes, the problem is the airport. The airport air is as bad as mall air. brofesor Don't bother, these guys don't know what a HEPA filter is and think that one plane ride with one infected person is going to infect the whole plane and half the terminal despite a huge body of evidence saying otherwise. I think the main issue is the media blowing the pandemic out of proportion because their brainwashed customers love drama. Contrary to February and March, there is now huge amounts of data showing that a) COVID-19 is virtually harmless to people under 60, b) face masks and proper hygiene significantly help prevent transmission, c) transmission occurs mostly by touching an infected surface and then rubbing the eyes, mouth, or nose, not by breathing air with floating virus particles, and d) the virus spreads mainly among people who know each other or during mass events as opposed to shopping or indeed sitting on an aeroplane. dawgsgoodjortsbad do you sit in between two people shoulder to shoulder in the grocery store? hobbers HEPA analysis involves a lot of study of flows. It's about bathing the subject of interest in the source air, not necessarily anything to do with mixing the target volume air. Sitting next to a person on an airplane with the air jets pointed at each person's head, it's quite possible that you will have a much lower probability of infection than walking through a grocery aisle that someone walked through 2 minutes prior and now 30 feet away.

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