GILD a gilded win this week

Topstonks prediction for GILD pays off for subscribers

Published on Apr 17, 2020

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TopStonks Team

Buzz Alert: GILD

Gillead (GILD)

BUZZ: +289% today 


khoap86 GILD Remdesivir. One hospital report 111/113 patients that were on ventilator successfully recovered under Remdesivir.  


IronSunDevil GILD puts for when the treatment doesn't pass in a double blind study  

Here's the 60 Day Buzz (Top) and Last 6 hours (Bottom):

Gild chatter 7ed746fc-dad4-4bd4-aab8-cb88c89f060d

VERDICT: We're gonna watch the buzz- if that ramps up after this pop, and GILD breaks 83, it will have a nice run. There aren't many growthy plays in big pharma. 

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