Draft Kings Trades Up To The First Round

Published on Jan 28, 2020

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With SPCE (Virgin Galactic) still on top, AvgSizedPenismaking a girthy claim:

 DEAC is the new SPCE  


Some Stonkies have been too busy playing D&D to know what DraftKings is:



what is DraftKings anyway?



A cuck bookie that can't even send leg breakers to collect sports betting debt



I use Draftkings since they legalized it in Indiana. Everyone I know uses it daily. We all lose money daily. They must be making as ass load of cash. I'm in.



DEAC is draftkings, instead of an ipo they are merging with an already trading holding company so it’s been steadily going up the last month. When this goes mainstream it will hit meme status. All the calls are cheap



Fuck this shitty meme stock $SPCE. Make REAL TENDIES with DraftKings IPO with $DEAC

People who bet on sports have more autism than everyone on this subreddit combined. Like there are retards out there who think the Knicks will ever be good LOL. Sports betting makes crazy money because those idiots don't have r/wallstreetbets giving priceless financial advice.

....This shit is just getting started and the merger is expected in the first half of 2020. GUARANTEED money when this shit goes live. Stocks are for the rich and the poor. However, every daily middle-class fuck named Bob goes balls deep on some $SUPERBOWL calls. DraftKings is making it easier and easier for Joe Schmo to yolo his life savings on the Chiefs winning on his shitty 9-5 lunch break.

Get in this shit before your dumbass $SPCE calls shit the bed when you realize daddy Musk controls all of space.

You can thank me later.


Manymorevices is right- if you’re trying to do your due diligence, learn what SPACs are first:


Read about SPACs before investing. There’s a lot more to them. Barrons just put out a great article on them.


Or not:


...Alternatively you can just say fuck it. I just bought 2k shares myself.



There are other shareholders merging than just what is shown in the DEAC Market Cap... Private investors were able to purchase shares at .0002 each. 10 is the going rate for SPACs because then you get a 1:1 share (at $10 a share) relative to the quotient of outstanding shares of DK and SBTech. If the price of DEAC goes up now, shares of the merged business will be worth less.




Also, $DEAC is a SPAC. They'll acquire DraftKings and SBTech with a leveraged buyout worth 6x their market cap, couple this with the fact that Casinos and DraftKings have been fighting in courts, don't touch that shit yet. Easily can still go tits up.



SPACs are not Whack


SPAC stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. A SPAC sponsor raises money from investors in order to acquire a company with a specific profile. The capital raised is held in Trust and invested in liquid fixed income securities. It is only released when they close on an acquisition- if they fail to close an acquisition by a certain date, the money is returned to shareholders. 


SPAC’s typically start trading around $10 per unit, which represents the cash value of the capital raised. They also often come with warrants, which give the investors in the SPAC IPO as right to purchase additional shares at a higher price. The promoter typically also gets 20% in founders shares as compensation for their effort. If a deal fails to materialize and cash is returned, warrants and founders shares expire worthless.  


After an acquisition is made, SPAC investors own shares in a new company, often along with the target company investors and promoters. When a SPAC trades above the $10 unit cost, SPAC investors are betting that the shares they get in the combined entity will be worth more than the amount of cash paid to acquire the stake.


When a SPAC called Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings (IPOA) acquired a stake in a private entity called Virgin Galactic, the resulting combination became Virgin Galactic with the ticker: SPCE. What’s the better name?


BABA Black Sheep 


China stock MoMo derailed:


astafe How the f*k did I know last week that a Chinese guy with a cold will fuck a fish or a wild animal now RIP to my BABA 40 contracts . That was my play for earnings



Some serious position rationalization action:



I really dont understand baba down tho, if your afraid of getting a virus wouldn't you do your shopping online versus in person to avoid getting sick. Im buying the dip logic is flawless :P



Plot twist, Baba sells the vaccine on their interwebs that heals the Mexican beer virus



While Wall Street bro was stumbling out of Joshua Tree in a drunken stooper, binxur was ringin registers: 


The exact moment BABA shot up I told my colleague these idiots in Wall Street underestimate the epidemic. It would be lucky for

BABA to restore their business before March.



MSFT Earnings 


Simple yet effective thesis: 



MSFT calls, stonks only go up and earnings are in a week.



WSB in the Wild 


Wsb has infiltrated the DEAC Stocktwits board. Next meme stock confirmed.

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