ATVI: the meme stock in a covid blizzard

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Published on Apr 17, 2020

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Activision Blizzard (ATVI)

BUZZ: +137% BULL

gianmk ok retards, just fucking go all in ATVI at this point. Look at market? ER bad? small moon, ER beat? big Moon. There is no way ATVI is not gonna beat ER since everyone and their mother is home playing CoD, overwatch, WoW or candy crush( retard)  


Hard to fine one on WSB- this was the best we could do: BuryMacockiner Nice! And yup that was me lol that’s why I chimed in - I too got out of my ATVI on the morning pump when RSI was at like 95😂 waiting for a good entry point now to go long again


atvi charts

VERDICT: Looks good on the pullback into earnings but watch the chatter. The perception of indestructibility of gaming revenues in a COVID world can make this a meme stock. If a vaccine comes tomorrow, though, ATVI will get dumped.

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