A guide to investing meme slang

A guide to some of the most common investing meme slang around the internet.

Published on Apr 17, 2020

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TopStonks Team

It happened. You were browsing /r/wallstreetbets or 4chan's /biz and you ran into a term you didn't understand. Maybe it was a few words. Maybe you've been staring at "It's going to rain literal tendies when this stonk moons" for the last 15 minutes in total disbelief of what the english language has become.

Its okay, we've got your back.

Below we've done our best to provide definitions and meaning for some of the most common internet investing terms.

We don't condone any of the language, were just here to help you understand the phenomena.


Stonk: Another word for stock. Said in a nasally tone and with generally an ironic usage.

In the current financial climate, it's impossible for Stonks to go down.

Tendies: Monetary gains. From the sale of a stock, or some other business related gain. There is a backstory here about chicken, but it's not worth going into.

If the market crashes tomorrow I'm going to be rolling in tendies.

Moon: When an equity, or other financial instrument rises swiftly in value.

TSLA is going to moon off positive news this quarter.

Print: When an options play yields large gains.

If the market crashes tomorrow my SPY puts are going to print.

Yolo: To bet the entirety, or an inordinate amount of one's capital on a single bet. This can also refer to money that the individual has borrowed.

I just yolo'd my student loans into TSLA calls.

Theta Gang: Wallstreetbets trading group that focuses on selling calls and puts rather than buying them.

It's official, I've joined theta gang.

Brrr: Used to describe the act of the Federal Reserve printing money. Particularly the sound that the money printers of the federal reserve make. Generally used in a sarcastic or pejorative manor.

Can you hear that? Brrrr. That's the sound of the fed pumping the market out of it's most recent crisis.

JPOW: Short for Jerome Powell, the 16th chair of the Federal Reserve.

The market is going to rally today thanks to JPOW.

DD: An abbreviation for due diligence. Generally in reference to research done on a particular stock.

Gather round fellow traders, I have some groundbreaking TSLA DD to share!

Tits Up: To move in a negative or unexpected manner, contrary to ones wishes.

Trust me, this options play literally cannot go tits up

Stocks only go up: A humorous and sarcastic belief that in the current financial climate equities can only go upward.

Why did you buy puts? Didn't you hear? Stonks only go up!

Autist: A profane moniker members of the WallstreetBets community use to refer to one another and their trading strategies.

He lost all his money in one play, like a true WSB autist.

TOS: Short for the brokerage Think Or Swim.

After the recent robinhood outage, I'm considering switching to TOS.

RH: Short for the brokerage Robinhood.

After the recent RH outage, I'm considering switching brokerages.

Beer Virus: A term used in lieu of coronavirus.

The market is going to crash thanks to the beer virus.

Normie: A pejorative term for the average man.

That's what all the normies will be doing once this is all over.

Becky: A term to describe young women in their 20's who represent a particular consumer profile.

Becky is too busy riding on peloton to go out for starbucks this morning.

Karen: A term to describe middle aged women who represent a particular consumer profile.

Karen bought 500 candles online at Yankee Candle and then reported her neighbors for being outside during quarantine.

Chad: A term for a young man, generally characterized as aggressive, or athletic. Can be used to describe someone making bold moves.

Bobby made the ultimate chad move by shorting the market. Bobby is such a chad.

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