Lumber Liquidators was an inside job!
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Who TF is out here buying 0DTE TLRy calls? lmfao
Correct, TLRY has NO US market share. They might expand into the US but… why not just buy US companies instead, who are poised to benefit immediately? MSOS is your answer. All of its holdings are OTC stocks with US operations. If you’re working with a broker that sells OTC, just buy the holdings directly instead of thru MSOS.
Which businesses do you like? I currently hold TLRY but my understanding is they won't be impacted by all this as much since they don't operate in the US yet other than beverages. 
I'm down $3500 so far on my TLRY yolo from last week (posted screenshot). Not worried though, it always runs during election season. LFG
Sold TLRY at $32.49 the day it went to $67 after hours. Would have made $150,000 if I sold at $60
I like to throw away money so I'm just gonna continue to buy TLRY
Where’s SNDL and TLRY??
You won't be able to afford quality drugs if you invest in TLRY.
Drugs help escape reality. Buy TLRY, read this sub, brain science!
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