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Yep, just not ahead of Honda, GM, Ford, Kia, Chrysler, VW, Merc, or Nissan.
As for Mercedes (I love how you guys always bring them up specifically even if I don't mention it as if its their only competition) . . . honestly, I'd trust them in those narrow conditions, more than a Tesla in the same conditions. Likewise, their R&D budget is 2.5x Tesla's, I trust their stuff going forward too. Musk's strategy is "move fast and break things"... I prefer, "failure is not an option" I'd ride with Merc or Waymo 10 times before risking my life of Tesla's autopilot. It seems like the have better foundations. Teslas seem more prone too hallucinations whereas everyone else is less black boxed.
The EQ series sucks ass and is ugly as sin, they have to discount them like crazy to move inventory. Hell even the self driving L3 tech they have is hot garbo. Merc is a dinosaur.
My point is merc is doing this properly and thus won’t have the legal issues. Tesla is lying out their ass and in serious trouble.
because this is where we are with this tech. and laughing merc limitations is regarded. they limit to what they know works while tesla gives access tells to go nuts and have fun but if you kill someone dont call us because its now "supervised" full self driving lol
Merc is not claiming to be anywhere close, and has actively gone out of heir way to shoot down reports that they are making significant claims. Merc is he closest, but even they aren’t claiming anything like this.
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